Just a reminder that Glee is filming on location today (Mar. 27) at Disney Concert Hall.

The last time they filmed there a fan was in the cafe and could hear the playback from there so if anybody is going to check out filming today, you might want to grab lunch at the cafe.

They are filming for both 515 and 517 (according the info OLV put in their calendar) and the most likely people filming are Lea, Chris, and Darren (and also Whoopi Goldberg) since the only other time they’ve filmed at this location was for performances in the Round Room at NYADA.

More info here.

Can @maskedscheduler get some interest in his Glee poster giveaway?

This guy is a FOX EXECUTIVE WHO GIVES AWAY FREE SHIT. He will ship anywhere in the world for FREE.  Let him know Gleeks are interested and maybe he’ll give away some other stuff. He doesn’t give away Glee stuff very often.  And usually his giveaways are only open for a couple of hours and this one is going on to 3 hours so far…

‘s on the move back to Tuesday. I have 3 posters available today so email masked.scheduler@gmail.com All welcome.

@maskedscheduler, the Fox exec who gives away free stuff, is giving away THREE Glee posters right now.

He will ship anywhere in the world.  Please go express interest. He usually doesn’t give away Glee stuff (he’s a big Bones fan and fan of the Tuesday comedies). But he’s commented on how nice enthusiastic Glee fans have been during other giveaways.

moving back to Tuesdays soon. I have 3 posters for ya. Email masked.scheduler@gmail.com Open to the universe.