I mean if you look at the changes that have happened in the past five years since Glee has been on the air, with the movement towards more gay civil rights with DOMA and gay marriage and the anti-bullying campaign. It’s just an amazingly different world that we or these kids live in than they did when we started, and I think the show should end up in some way talking about that, so that’s something we’re working on right now.
Ryan Murphy, Eonline

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Well, I think this came about because Chris is obviously a very talented writer and we just thought, wouldn’t it be interesting for somebody like Chris who does have a knack for writing and storytelling to be able to do something fresh on the show, and we’ve always had that tradition, you know, we’ve always had that open door that if you were interested in directing… Matt Morrison was interested in trying out, and we let him take an episode that he did so well on. So that’s always been something to me that if anybody has said oh, I’m interested in trying that, let’s do that, and Chris obviously has an interest and a knack for writing, so we gave it a whirl, and it turned out really, really great. I think they’re still shooting some of the episode. I think there’s a couple more days on it, and I know he talked about the casting so I don’t need to, but it was fun. He was very involved in all that stuff which I think was interesting for him. It was an interesting thing to have an actor, playing a character, getting to write an episode about that character, so it turned out really well and I think everybody’s really happy with it, and I hope next year that he would want to do another one. I think it would be great, and maybe he would even want to direct it.

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Anonymous asked:

thought's on rm's new interview for glee?

lettersfromtitan answered:

Ugh, initials, always so weird!

Anyway, I always read his interviews with a sense of “is this a negotiating tactic with the network?” because I think past interviews and decisions have borne out that sometimes it has been.

Which means I don’t view them as predictive.

I think the things to focus on include time-jump, location, and 24 is a lot of episodes.

Right now I’m expecting (mainly, because this is what I’d do, and my guesses have been pretty sharp lately) a 2 - 3 year time jump (getting us out of college or finishing college for some of the cast, and graduating everyone at McKinley — remember right now, they are behind us in time); 3 8-episode arcs; and despite my previous “WTF fandom?” one of them to take place in Los Angeles.

Rachel and Mr. Schue will have the final scene that was meant for Rachel and Finn.

Kurt and Blaine will have an explosion at the end of this season that we’ll see them recovering from (with this time jump in S6).  Yes, they’ll get goddamn married in the end.  It’s gonna be all your favorite fics I’m not even kidding.

Sam and Mercedes will likely be our other big romantic narrative for S6, because it’s not happening right now.

I think it’s pretty powerful shit when at the end of the day, Glee's three main narratives are female ambition, a young gay romance, and an interracial couple with fairly disparate takes on how to address their ambition, are what we're getting.

Glee's been a fucking heartbreak of a show (because of loss, because of the fannish anger, because of shit that has and hasn't worked). But I'm impressed and fascinated with how it's trying to come in for a landing.

And for anyone who goes “But Glee is repeating stories” re: Kurt and Blaine and anything else.  I am 41 years old.  Very few things in my life have happened only once.  The expectation that all our experiences are singular, and therefore not thematically useful to our lives, kind of irks the living shit out of me.  Sometimes, often, life and art is in the echo.

Also, I have to say, as these actors will have to move on soon, I think any time jump that brings them closer to their actual ages is a profound kindness for their future careers and one that should not be overlooked in thinking about what is being done and why.


LfT, bringing some much needed tit-calming in these trying times.

I do want to add that I really think Cory’s death changed everything. Not just Rachel’s story, or McKinley’s. The loss of Finn, I think we’ll see, affected everyone’s storylines, and we’ll see that played out further.

And hey, maybe we can figure out a way to work around that pesky baseball interruption, yeah?


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But do you think we can assume it’s the same 6 people?

Kurt and Blaine get a saga in S6 and Rachel is getting focus so, yes, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the core NY people (Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Artie, maybe Mercedes) plus Schue and Sue since Ryan said that they’d have big stories. And then other people will arc in and out.

I always said the engagement was too easy.

And I really am not bothered if Klaine breaks up in 520. Maybe I’ve read too many fanfics but I love the stories where they either never get together in high school/college, break up in high school or sometime during college, and then connect or reconnect later. 

And, hey, I just finished SLY last night so I’m having a lot of feels about stories where Kurt and Blaine come back to each other. I’m totally on board for that kind of a story for them when they’re older and wiser and have lived a little.

So bring on S6.