I just saw someone call this moment: 



No, really, if you’re interpreting every time the gay guy touches the straight guy as “implied sexy intent” then, just maybe here, you’re the problem. 

Edit: No like, really though, that is the exact thinking that made Blaine terrified of having a momentary crush on Sam. 

That’s literally the thinking that made him feel like everyone would interpret everything he did as a gay guy trying to get with the straight guy. 



Can we take a moment to talk about how white-washed they photoshopped Darren?





And how this relates to the continued whitening of Blaine/continued denial of Darren’s/Blaine’s Filipino heritage?

It wasn’t until I saw these two pictures side by side until I realized what seemed so off about the Santa picture.

I have a couple of things to say about this, and they’re not going to be popular.

- It’s supposed to be winter in Ohio when this is being photographed. Not surprising that he’d be paler than usual.

- It’s shot indoors, which makes your skin tone less glow-y.

- The sun is behind him in the beach photo. He is in shadow, and therefore appears darker.

- The beach photoshoot is staged for this beach look, so of course they want him to look tanned.

- There is nothing wrong with a Filipino actor playing a white character.

Thought I would jump in with some photographer prospective. I don’t think Darren is purposefully white-washed at all. 

The beach photo uses natural sunlight, and I think they also used a golden reflector at times if I remember the BTS video. It serves to warm the skin and make it look very golden. The photo on the right is taken with white lights, making his skin appear whiter/brighter. Flashes serve to replicate natural lighting, but there is always a difference. 

As outlined above, the lighting is more directional in the second photo, which lights up his chest/front rather than coming from behind, where is body is in shadow in the first one. If you look at the highlights on Darren’s back in the first, they are closer to the colour and brightness of the second photo. Compare the photos to this one, where the sunlight is directly on Darren.

You can’t really compare studio portraiture with outdoor portraiture, with completely different environments and lighting conditions, especially when the indoors is lit so specifically to light up every part of the body.

If anything they make him darker on the show than he is in real life. Look at Darren’s hands and face in this production still where they didn’t put makeup on his hands.