I mean if you look at the changes that have happened in the past five years since Glee has been on the air, with the movement towards more gay civil rights with DOMA and gay marriage and the anti-bullying campaign. It’s just an amazingly different world that we or these kids live in than they did when we started, and I think the show should end up in some way talking about that, so that’s something we’re working on right now.
Ryan Murphy, Eonline

I always said the engagement was too easy.

And I really am not bothered if Klaine breaks up in 520. Maybe I’ve read too many fanfics but I love the stories where they either never get together in high school/college, break up in high school or sometime during college, and then connect or reconnect later. 

And, hey, I just finished SLY last night so I’m having a lot of feels about stories where Kurt and Blaine come back to each other. I’m totally on board for that kind of a story for them when they’re older and wiser and have lived a little.

So bring on S6.



So…I’m actually pretty on board - more than I thought I would be - with RM’s plans…I’ve skimmed all the interviews but was a little overwhelmed and freaked out, so I could have missed things, but here is the flavour of what I’m getting:

1. Time jump in season 6 - my guess is a couple of years/end of college type thing.

2. Kurt and Blaine will break up in the season finale - their ‘saga’ is a big part of the final season…the theme of the season is comeback…so I imagine them finding each other again is the plan….(I actually predicted this quietly to a couple of people when Brad F said the theme of season 6 was comeback…they can vouch for me. I’ve been thinking this for a while). Yes, I’m sad about it. Very.

3. The new location??? - I guess LA is one part of that?? 

4. No newbies. Maybe briefly at one point, but that was RM’s nice way of saying - thanks for a great job but we’re focusing on the originals.

5. The cast will remain small and focused and probably who we think. (Not Hemo full time, and Santana’s name was conspicuously absent from that article).

6. The one thing I’m finding weird - He doesn’t talk about Kurt other than the tease about Russia (lol)…are we going to have a period of Blaine and Rachel in LA without Kurt? (I am SURE Chris isn’t leaving the show - not a chance. And he also said the klaine saga is a big part of the season). I’d like to get some clarification on the Kurt factor here. I think it’s worth pressing RM on this in the Q/A tonight.

I was actually worried they were going to re-introduce Lima, all the newbies, have klaine break up, be in 2 different cities and in that context find each other again. This time jump with many few characters is definitely preferable to me.

But yeah, I know I kept saying it. But at ep 5.01 there was WAY too much Glee left for happily ever after. It’s a show about growing up. Let’s just hope they continue to get a lot of focus a few years down the road.

This pretty well sums up my feelings.


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