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Chris Colfer defines the term “pitch perfect” playing Kurt Hummel on Glee. We shared his heartbreak at Blaine’s infidelity and cheered during his New York Academy of Dramatic Arts auditions. Throughout it all, Chris remained just so gosh darn cute.

What was he doing when not working on Glee? Typical twenty-something stuff like writing The Land of Stories, a bestselling book for young adults. Crafting the upcoming movie Struck By Lightning’s script and starring in it. Being generally amazing.

Oh, and winning this award.



AfterElton: Why I’m Wiping the Slate Clean for “Glee” Season 4


A couple of months ago — before Dan Cathy ruined the greatest meal on earth with his homophobic rhetoric — I ordered a Chick-fil-A #1 combo from a high schooler who looked just like Kurt Hummel. His hair, his voice, his speech patterns. The whole Hummel shebang. In fact, when I was like, “I’m sorry, but has anyone ever told you that you—” he just grinned and finished my sentence with “look like Chris Colfer?” I nodded. The fullback-looking teenage dude who was working the register beside him said, “But like season one Colfer. Not teen heartthrob Colfer.”

I live in rural north Georgia where it’s still kind of brave to be openly gay, or even openly gender atypical, but here was a 16-year-old guy with an angelic voice and slightly effeminate mannerisms and no inclination to mask either one of those things. And why would he? He looks and sounds just like teen heartthrob Chris Colfer.

Weeks later, when I saw the queue of “family values” Christians wrapped around the restaurant twice, I realized that when it comes to Glee, I may have made the terrible mistake of missing its music because of its missteps.

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Chris Colfer: “I Feel Like You’ve Seen Me Naked In A Way.”


Look everywhere these days and Chris Colfer is probably there. His new children’s book, The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell was just released in book stores and the film he wrote, produced and stars in, Struck By Lightning, was the closing film of Outfest in Los Angeles. And, of course, there’s Glee, which is what brought Colfer out Monday night for the Fox Summer All-Star Party at SoHo House in West Hollywood.

AfterElton grabbed some time with Colfer to chat about the myriad of projects he’s working on and, with filming of the new season of Glee just getting started, whether he thinks Kurt will make it to New York City and what’s in store for Kurt and Blaine.

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Box? What box?


Thanks, Klaine fandom, for raising all this money for Project Angel Food, and getting the cut “Box Scene” out there… I wrote about it today for AfterElton:

Blaine liked it, but it seems Fox just wouldn’t let him put a ring on it.

That’s what Glee’s Klaine fans have assumed ever since a scene where Blaine gives Kurt a box containing a ring he’d made out of gum wrappers was cut from the Season 3 Christmas episode — a chop job so surprising my recap of the episode was entitled “No Box.”

Of course, scenes get cut all the time. The official word at the time was that the scene was cut for length, and we all know that losing one of the three scenes where Finn and Rachel go around and around about what he’s going to give her for the holiday would have been a tragedy of Titanic proportions.

But all things considered, the absence of the scene did seem a little suspicious. And it definitely left viewers curious. What did they say to each other in the scene? What did it mean to them as a couple?

Fortunately, the intrepid Klaine fandom managed to get the answers to those questions while raising thousands of dollars for an AIDS charity at the same time.

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Thank you, Christie!


Chris Colfer’s Interview with AfterElton at the TCAs


The Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour continues in Pasadena this week and on Sunday night Fox threw a party where the stars of their current and upcoming series made appearances to chat with the press. Of course, AfterElton was there and grabbed some one-on-one time with a cheery Chris Colfer.

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After adorably helping Kurt down from the back row, Blaine adorably suggests the Police – remember him saying he knew Kurt wanted to “do it in a field of lilacs with Sting playing” last week?

After Elton (via bandwagonjumping)

I love how AfterElton just thinks that everything Blaine does is adorable.(via waltzy)

What’s even better, actually, is that the AE recapper isn’t all that fond of Blaine, so if she’s thinking he’s adorable, you know it’s the truth.

(via daxterdd)

The AE recapper, Christie Keith, really likes Blaine.  I’ve never gotten the impression from her that she doesn’t like him.