Ah! This is beautiful and interesting! Because Blaine is now bathed in warm light! And least season so many of these solos (or duets, like with Cooper, I think) were cool and blue and somber. And there was EWTRTW, which was sort of garish and purple, no? 

And I like how in “Heroes” he standing in the light, the lights aren’t shining down on him. 

Oh, I just love what this photo set does to me. 


Are you okay?

I like that Kurt knows to ask Blaine if he’s okay, at least when he can see him face-to-face. Obviously they’re going to have to work on that when they’re not in the same location but still, Kurt does notice when he can actually SEE Blaine.

I hope Blaine gets better at letting Kurt know when things aren’t okay with him too.  It’s especially important when they’re not in the same location and Kurt can’t see him.