Some thoughts about Kurt and Blaine in 414

I just had some thoughts about Kurt and Blaine in light of what’s happening in 414 that I wanted to write about.

For Kurt, I think he’s going to go into 414 thinking things with Blaine are fine.  They’re best friends, he can do that, just be friends.  It’s good.  He’s good.  Then he sees Blaine and it brings back ALL THESE FEELINGS he’s been trying to avoid, because I think aside from the Thanksgiving phone call where he did reach out to Blaine and re-establish their friendship, he’s been avoiding dealing with his feelings, coming fully to terms with what Blaine did, etc.  He seemed at least somewhat conflicted at Christmas but also, of course, the situation with Burt was weighing on him so he couldn’t really examine his feelings for Blaine at the time and they couldn’t have that mature heart-to-heart that Kurt said they needed to have when he called Blaine on Thanksgiving.  So I think what’s going to happen in 414 is that he’s going to be caught up in his feelings for Blaine and act on them. That will be the catalyst for his conflicted feelings come to the surface again, and in 415 he’s going to have to start facing these feelings he’s avoided and shoved away for months and months.  And it’s not just about Blaine. Now Adam is in the picture, Burt’s cancer, starting at NYADA, etc.  I had thought that Burt’s cancer was maybe going to be the thing that forced Kurt to deal with the things he’s been avoiding and face his feelings about certain things but I think it’s reconnecting with Blaine that’s going to set this in motion, and I think 415 is really going to be the start of getting a look inside Kurt’s heart and mind about what happened with Blaine, what he wants, how he feels, etc.

With Blaine, I think he’s also going to get caught up in ALL THE FEELINGS just like Kurt.  But, I also think he will go into their one night together with eyes wide open and no expectations of anything more.  He’s had months to deal and process and accept that he may never get back with Kurt and I think he accepts that.  Yes, he has all those pictures of Kurt in his locker and on his nightstand and still loves him deeply but I also think he accepts that Kurt may never love him like that again. I think he’s hopeful, of course, but understands that it’s not up to him and that this one night isn’t likely to change things.  

What occurred to me is this may just be the thing that Blaine needs to be able to fully move on from Kurt. And I’m not saying that he WILL move on but the he will be able to move on if he chooses to do so. I think Kurt accepting Blaine into his bed again will serve at least in part as a soul-cleansing act that no one else could provide for him because it was Kurt that he hurt so badly, Kurt whose trust was broken.  The last time Blaine had sex it was awful and traumatic and led to the destruction of his relationship with Kurt (at least as it was up to that point).  By Kurt wanting to be with him again, accepting his desire for Blaine, accepting Blaine’s desire for him, acting on those feelings, and welcoming Blaine into his bed again, I think it’s going to be a healing balm for Blaine and will allow him to move forward.  

With Kurt, I think it will be a little healing but also free something inside of him.  Up until now he’s been stuck.  Unable to forgive Blaine for what he did, even while being unable to not have his best friend in his life or to stop loving him. Even after this, he may still not be able to forgive Blaine for what Blaine did but he will be forced to stop avoiding his feelings, avoiding what happened, and start figuring out what he wants and how much he is willing to risk and face all those feelings and the hurt he’s been avoiding.  I think that letting his heart take over in 414 is going to be a freeing thing for Kurt, while also digging up a lot of stuff that he’s been trying to ignore and avoid.  

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with Kurt in the upcoming episodes because I think this is going to be an arc for him where he’s going to be figuring his shit out.  Blaine’s already a lot of the way there, I think.  414 is going to serve as a bit of resolution for him, I think. Kurt’s story is just getting started.

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