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I meant to send you an ask for confirmation if we know about Rachel and Kurt being in 4x09 (and I do) but then you made a "maybe" suggestion about episodes solely focused on NY AND CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW GLORIOUS WOULD IT BE TO SEE SO MUCH KURT IN NY. sorry, anyway, 4x09, was it mentioned about NY being in the episode?

We don’t know much about 409 at this point.  It’s the conclusion of Sectionals and Blaine and Tina join the Cheerios and that’s about all we know about it right now.  Oh, and there’s some Bram since they’re singing Something Stupid.  As far as I know, we don’t have any specific confirmation of NY being in 409 but I’m pretty sure there will be.  I think 405 and 407 are going to be the exception rather than the rule.

Part of the problem with NY is that Chris doesn’t tweet about stuff (except when he’s SUPER excited like Let’s Have a Kiki) and it’s not always easy to know which episodes they’re doing NY scenes for when they do say.  There’s some spec floating around that gleekoutbr’s NY info is limited at best (I do think they know when there are not NY scenes in an ep but they don’t seem to know many specifics about the scenes).  

I think it would be AWESOME if we got an episode or two that focused on NY, especially if some other characters were visiting, like Mercedes (three divas in NY!) or Santana actually moves out there.  Seeing Kurt and Mercedes and Rachel or Kurt and Santana together would be great! And seeing Kurt at work a little more or going out or whatever.

  1. gleekto said: I agree with all - also, re:4.09 - it appears Chris was on set in Kurt hair on Tuesday (press junket), but Lea wasn’t. So I think that pretty much confirms he is in 4.09 in some capacity.
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