[TV Guide] Ask Matt

Question: A lot of viewers are upset about Kurt and Blaine’s break-up on Glee. I’m holding out hope it is because 1) Long-distance relationships don’t play well on TV; and 2) The intent is to recharge “Klaine” and bring them back together later in the season. It has also given Darren Criss a chance to shine (his meltdown during “Teenage Dream” was heartbreaking and it sets up some great material for him in upcoming eps). Kurt and Blaine were happy in Season 3 and as a result were back-burnered for a majority of episodes. “Klaine” is probably the closest the gay community has ever come to having a “super couple.” They are loved by the media & have a huge straight female following. Surely Ryan Murphy wouldn’t just throw away something so groundbreaking. A strong positive portrayal of a gay relationship is needed now more than ever. I’m on board with the break-up as long as it brings excitement and many swoon-worthy moments on the path toward a reconciliation. What do you think? — Matt

Matt Roush: Looking past my disdain for cutesy handles like “Klaine,” my feeling on this storyline is that it was not only a natural progression for these characters (given the long-distance post-grad evolution of the show) but essential for both to continue to grow. The fact that you responded so strongly to Blaine’s angst in the “Teenage Dream” sequence reinforces the dramatic justification for Glee to go there, even at the risk of upsetting some of the show’s fan base. I don’t know (but would suspect) that they’re heading for an eventual make-up, but it would have less impact if the break-up itself hadn’t been so powerful.


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    ..and here I sit with a big grin on my face. Matt Roush is speculating, of course, just like the rest of us, but it’s...
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    Of course, because the only way they can grow as characters and as a couple is with the cliché storyline about cheating.
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