Interview with Kevin Reilly from upfronts in May confirming season 5.

I keep forgetting about this but Kevin Reilly (Entertainment Chairman of Fox Broadcasting Company) confirmed a fifth season for Glee in this interview.

TV Guide Magazine: You’re pairing it with The X Factor, which makes sense on paper, and moving the show back to 9, a time period where creator Ryan Murphy always wanted it to stay.
Reilly: Eight o’clock is just by nature, particularly in spring, heavier lifting. We talked to Ryan a couple of years ago to go in and do a job for us, and when the show becomes more mature we’ll try and protect it. And I think the show has gone from its burning-like-a-meteor phase to its phase where it’s still a vibrant show that people loved and I think it got unfairly judged in some ways. One of the things I’m excited about for next year is that Ryan is really back on his toes. We’ll essentially have a show-within-a-show where the graduation kids go to New York, and we’ll follow their adventure in the Big Apple. But we’re also going to have some new blood in Ohio. It’s going to be a way to keep following people that you love and new ones, and having reunions where even some characters who left can come back.

But the show is still a big platform that people want to be a part of. We’ve closed a deal with Kate Hudson to do a seven-episode arc in the fall. She’s going to play a teacher at a music academy. (Sarah Jessica Parker will also guest star next season.) The talent is still coming in to do what Gwyneth [Paltrow] did, and I think that’s going to keep things sparkly, and this new direction is going to give it a renaissance. With the lead-in from our X Factor performance shows, I think Glee is going to go on a really nice run in its fourth  and fifth seasons.


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    Interview with Kevin Reilly from upfronts in May confirming season 5.
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