Zach Woodlee talking about S4 of Glee

I know that you’re in the middle of shooting “Glee” Season 4.
It’s different now. There’s new storylines. I still see them, and we still have big group numbers, but as far as what that initial group was, that will never happen again. That’s a bit of a legacy. I think what stung was in the finale, when the original five explained “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” to some of the new members of New Directions. That was my final rehearsal of Season 3, and for us, it was strange because that was my very first rehearsal for the pilot. Kevin [McHale] was like, “Oh my gosh. This is when we met.” That was the first day that I met Kevin, Amber [Riley], Lea [Michele], Jenna [Ushkowitz] and Chris [Colfer]. We all just sat there and started crying!

We know that there’s going to be another Britney Spears tribute this season. What can we expect?
There’s a lot in this Britney episode. It opens up with a huge number. That’s actually what I’m going to rehearse now! I’m very excited about it. It’s kind of mixing things that we’re never done before.

Are you excited to work with the new members of New Directions?
Just wait! One of the new characters came in, and we did a dance evaluation. This person was like, “I can tumble,” and started to do flips for me. And one was like, “Oh, I can tap dance!” My jaw dropped. I was like, “Oh my god. I have someone on New Directions who can really dance, besides Heather [Morris] and Harry [Shum Jr.]. This is amazing!” We’ve been shooting now for a couple of weeks and seeing the new group form has a whiff of the beginning again. There’s a new magic. It feels fresh again. Seeing all of these new faces and incorporating the ones that we already have, it’s a new fiber in the show. And then we have Lea and Chris’ storylines. I’m really excited!

Now that Rachel is in New York, will we see you pop up in “Glee” as a NYADA choreographer? 
I seriously doubt that I would be on the scripted show. [Laughs.] I love being behind-the-camera. I would be like, “You guys, I don’t know what’s happening. I can’t be here!” Rachel definitely has some dance classes, and her teacher is stellar. She’s got a good teacher!


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