A couple of Comic-Con thoughts

So, I might have more to write later but I have to drive from Dayton to Springfield, MO today so it probably won’t be until way later.  But, I did want to say this.

All that stuff Dante is talking about - the 800 extras, the no intention to exclude anybody, etc.  He’s not talking about the scene during Tongue Tied in the McKinley hallway, which is the actual issue that the person was asking about.  He’s talking about AT NATIONALS.  Which, ironically, the only reason we got what we did there (the Klaine hug in the background - see how much Kurt hated PDA there) is because Darren ran over to stand next to Chris. If I recall the reports from the filming, Chris and Darren were originally blocked on opposite ends of the stage.

Also, somebody forgot to tell Chris that Kurt hates PDA.  In his Gold Derby interview last month he said it wasn’t safe for Kurt and Blaine, not that Kurt hated it.

LOL at Darren for trolling the whole thing by saying that it’s something that he and Chris have talked about.  Meaning, that the lack of kissing and affection is noticeable enough to them that they TALK ABOUT IT.

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    So again he didn’t even answer the question.
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    I share these thoughts. Particularly on Darren…don’t quite understand what the fuss is about what Darren said because...
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