Okay, so what Ryan Murphy said about having only talked to Lea and she’s the only one so far in 22 episodes…

Keep in mind that:

1. This is Ryan Murphy’s Summer Spoilers 2012 Edition. EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING is subject to change by the time they actually start filming 401.

2. I think he was really talking more about the people that we know aren’t coming back full-time like Harry and Amber.

3. He still likes Darren, as evidenced by the fact that he had him at the panel last night, among other things.  Darren’s still going to get screentime. (I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts visiting Kurt in NYC more often)

4. Chris will be back but he does have his book tour and he wants to shoot his second movie in the winter so there might be some question about how much time off he’s going to need for that which is probably still being worked out.

5. I have no idea what’s up with Cory.  Maybe he wants some time off to focus on his development stuff at Fox 2000.

6. The New York portion is obviously the new shiny since this is Ryan is obviously trying to craft the NY part into what would have been the spinoff.

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