did you know you can’t “POP your cherry”?  In this video i talk about:

what the hymen really is
how this myth is some sexist bullshit
and how to deal with your hymen the 1st time you have sex.


She is amazing.

I’m exceptionally pissed off that this is news to me.

I’m really fucking pissed off that I did not know this and it’s my own goddamned body.

I had a freaking kid and didn’t know this.

The only reason I knew this is because of the sex talk with my Mom I had about six months ago. It’s awful how many women don’t know this about their own bodies.

I consider myself pretty fuckin’ educated about sex, and even I didn’t fully understand what exactly the hymen was and how it works until pretty recently! No one teaches this shit! And that is FUCKED UP.


Very educational video. And hilarious.

the thumbnail. nomnomonomnomnom

but seriously, that’s pretty cool to know. thanks for that lol

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