Anonymous asked:

I've seen some speculation that the 'tough decision' Blaine is going to face in the finale, according to the 5x20 ep description, is that Shirley Maclaine's character may ask that he hide the fact that he's gay in order to make it as a performer. I know you're interested in how Glee can be representative of queer experiences of decades past- what do you think of this? Would they want to go there? Is it still a relevant story?

lettersfromtitan answered:

It is absolutely still a relevant story.

I think any story about what would you do for your ambition is always relevant and always interesting and one creatives like to tell because we have to ask ourselves those questions every day, no matter where we’ve already gotten.

And I think in a show that has been very good, in a fantastical way, at showing the price of the dream (it’s hard on your relationships, it takes work, you hear no, people won’t like you, often, success is addictive), it’s totally relevant.

I don’t actually think that’s quite what’s going to happen there.  I suspect it will be more about the patronage angle and autonomy and integrity and just what it is and isn’t we’re selling when we are, as performers selling ourselves.

But I think it will be implicit in what Blaine can get for being an older woman’s beautiful arm candy.

What I hope, about the story, actually, is mostly that it’s deft and nuanced.  It’s easy to write a story about the casting couch or staying in the closet to be famous.  But the story about the “well,don’t mention it … in the press” or “you don’t have to fuck me, but I really like to look, and I want to touch you in public like you’re mine” — the spaces of play pretend that bleed into real life to get the thing.

I want Glee to tell me that story.

And I suspect it’s going to.  Because Blaine Anderson has practically been designed to tell that story with (and the awesome is compounded there by how Darren Criss does fame, frankly). 

And if they do tell that story, eventually, we’re going to see the boy who can’t say no, say no in a considered way.

That’s huge.



i’m having a thought that blaine having to make a choice about kurt could be june asking him to hide the fact that he’s gay, because she thinks it will affect his stardom. this would be a really interesting story to tell, considering not just the historical context, but also the crazy conversation that goes on around people thinking darren is gay and hiding it. of course blaine would ultimately choose kurt and being out – this isn’t the 1950s, and while they’re both devilishly handsome, blaine is not rock hudson. ;)


theatrevicki asked:

I'm loving all of your spec for 5x20, and I'm wondering what you might be thinking about Blaine/Kurt/Klaine moving away from NYC? I'm just trying to reconcile this move from NYC-centric stories with spec that seems to prioritize Blaine staying at NYADA/with Kurt rather than accepting whatever June's offer might be. Do you think Klaine will stay in NYC? I'm not ready to give up on NYC Glee and I really think they should stay. Thoughts?

gleekto answered:

So obviously the entirety of our thinking about Blaine/Klaine moving away has to do with the fact that s6 is primarily a new location. So I think ultimately in s6, those two stars of Glee must be in that new location.

But like - and this is where it breaks down for me - June is a NYC socialite. I’m not sure why she’d have an opportunity for Blaine outside of NYC - but she could??? I don’t know. 

Maybe the move away is part of this story or maybe it’s a thing for season 6?? There is a time jump - could be until after they finish college. I’m as confused as anyone about this.

And yeah - I am basically IN LOVE with NYC Glee and wish the show was not moving to a new location. But given what RM said, I am more concerned with Kurt and Blaine being together in the MAIN ARC, wherever that may be, than in NYC. But yeah, I am pretty much in love with Glee in NY and would never move if I was the queen in charge.

June is a socialite in NYC, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have friends/contacts elsewhere. I’m sure she does.

A showcase is an opportunity for people to basically audition in front of agents/casting directors. They are typically hosted by schools for people who are close to graduating or have recently graduated (hence, why it was rare that Rachel got an invite to NYADA’s Winter Showcase as a freshman). Darren is, in fact, participating (I’m sure as an example of a successful alum) in a showcase for U of M BFA grads on April 28.

So this is what June is arranging for Blaine. An opportunity to be seen by agents and casting directors and other people who can provide him with opportunities, not all of which will be in NY.


blainedandersass asked:

I'm probably way out there with this but I've been wondering if maybe Blaine is faced with the prospect of success individually versus success albeit less than brightly with Kurt as an equal partner in it based on the song etc. So he ultimately decides to turn down June's offer before or perhaps after singing All of Me. I'm almost thinking its samcedes with the breakup cliff hanger here?

gleekto answered:

This is interesting spec (lol perhaps I think so because I’m thinking along the same lines - ha!)…June is clearly offering something to do with career success to Blaine, and that offer may not involve Kurt. So yeah, that could be the decision. AND OUR BLAINE HE IS GOING TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION. Ahem. Yes. I feel very strongly.

And yeah - I don’t think the samcedes is necessarily a cliffhanger - particularly in light of a time jump. I think they may just break up…maybe with the promise of tomorrow???

And it would be a contrast - one couple ready to choose each other over opportunities that keep them apart (and addendum: In no world that I know is this a weak decision. In fact, people who are committed to each other make choices to be together ALL THE TIME. Giving up an opportunity to choose a path that works for both partners is, IMO - a sign of strength and maturity. I often see posts about this and I wonder who gave people the idea that making joint decision and choosing to prioritize family is a weakness. As far as I have seen, neither Kurt nor Blaine has agreed to give up on their careers and do nothing for themselves in the face of the other’s succes - in fact, the opposite. They are both committed to being stars. And they are going to do it as equals and together - okay. End rant), one couple not at that stage yet - this would actually make some sense (which Glee does not always do - but sometimes it does. Realism isn’t a big part of Glee for me but this would be vaguely realistic). 

The ONLY thing I disagree with here - the success with Kurt will be OH SO MUCH BRIGHTER. Theirs is a story about TWO STARS - who shine brightly individually and together. They just have to navigate those bumps and find their footing.

OH SIGH. I heart klaine.


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